ALGSS Attend the 24th  International G&S Festival Harrogate 2017

On Wed 12th July Cheryl received an email from Neil Smith explaining a group had dropped out of the G&S festival at the last minute. They had been booked to perform The Gondoliers on 14th Aug , and Paul Lazel , who provided the scenery for us at WPT, mentioned to Neil that we had just performed Gondoliers.  Was there any way we could fill in ?

Cheryl and Sue met with him on Sat 15th July and discussed how impossible it might be!!. However, after a lot of emails, we found we had a core group of principals and chorus available, with only 8 missing out of a cast of 40!

Both Linda and Eric could go and back stage support Rob, Lynsey, Buzz, Sue and George . Why were we not all going on holiday !!

Reporting back to Neil, he offered the finance for the costume, set and prop hire, accommodation for us and travelling expenses . We were doing him a massive favour as they had already sold tickets at the Royal hall for the performance .

However we decided would not enter into the competition as it was all a bit rushed and too much pressure and stress to absorb at such short notice.

Jenny took on the task of negotiating and arranging everything which was a bit of a nightmare, but on Sunday 13th August we all made our way up to Harrogate .

We rehearsed on Sunday and had two extra chorus members, Sharon -Eric’s wife and Tobin, a guy from Canada who had come over to the festival and was looking for a group to perform with. So Neil put him in touch with us and they were both very quick learners .

Alex stood in for Andris and Frank made himself useful, when not playing Luiz, boosting the male chorus.

Buzz made herself extremely useful plotting the lighting and Rob & Lindsey and the crew sorted the stage and props while we rehearsed again on Monday and, after a quick lunch, we reacquainted ourselves with our costumes ready for the dress rehearsal at 2.30pm.

The Orchestra were briefed by Eric and the whole thing went quite well with not many notes from Eric and Linda!

It was at this stage that Linda suggested we could enter into the competition.

After a little debate between the committee members present and our president, we decided to compete.

So at about 6.45pm we informed the festival we were happy to be adjudicated. The performance went well and we all stayed on stage to receive our adjudication!

Andrew Nicklin was very complimentary all round and we left feeling elated (after a very quick get out, all the props costumes and scenery re loaded into vans) then off to Wetherspoons for a couple of glasses of prosecco and cheers all round!

After a breakfast/ coffee at Bettys (we did go to bed though in between) we made our way home -tired but very happy.

It was about Wednesday that our thoughts turned to the awards ceremony on Sat 19th at 5pm . Would we be nominated, could we win something ? It would be a shame if no-one was there to accept an award.

We made a few surreptitious enquires to see if we had any nominations and the reply came back …. Oh make sure you are there and sit near the front!

Sue and Gordon were due to travel up to the midlands on Sunday and after a few changes to arrangements they went up on Saturday to attend the ceremony.

So there we were with a few other groups … and the nominations and awards came flooding in -12 out of 17!!

Best Duet: Mabel and Frederick (Pirates, Peak)

Casilda and Luiz (Gondoliers, Abbots Langley)

Phyllis and Strephon (Iolanthe, Savoynet)

Winner – Rose & Robin (Ruddigore, Ploverleigh)


Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Sorcerer, WWOS

Patience, Bus Pass

Winner: Gondoliers, ALGSS

Animated  Chorus:

Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Gondoliers, Abbots Langley

Winner – Yeomen, NewLOG

Female Performer:

Mad Margaret, Ploverleigh

Aline, WWOS

Mabel, Peak

Winner – Phyllis, Savoynet

Male Performer:

Robin Oakapple, Ploverleigh

Colonel Calverley, Bus Pass

Grosvenor, Bus Pass

Winner – Geoffrey Farrer, Duke, ALGSS

Best Traditional Opera

 Yeomen newLOG

Patience, Bus Pass

Winner – Gondoliers, ALGSS

Concerted Item

Madrigal,   Ruddigore,   Ploverleigh

Act 2 Finale Trio Yeomen, NewLOG

Act 1 finale sextet, Patience, Bus Pass

Winner – Cachucha, Gondoliers, Abbots Langley

Supporting  Actress

Partlet,  WWOS

Lady S,  WWOS

Duchess, ALGSS

Winner – Danielle Cresswell, Tessa, ALGSS

Supporting Actor:

Notary, WWOS

Lemuel, Peak

Private Willis, Savoynet

Winner – Despard, Ploverleigh

Best Chorus:

Yeomen,  NewLOG

Gondoliers, ALGSS

Winner – Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Best Director:

Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Yeomen, NewLOG

Winner – Linda Dyne, Gondoliers, ALGSS

Best Musical Director:

Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Patience,  Bus  Pass

Winner – Iolanthe, Savoynet

Character Actress:

Constance, WWOS

Phoebe, NewLOG

Lady Jane, Bus Pass

Winner – Fairy Queen, Savoynet

Character Actor

Sir Marmaduke,  WWOS

Don Alhambra, ALGSS

Lord Chancellor, Savoynet

Winner – Robin Oakapple, Ploverleigh

Best Female Voice:

Mabel,   Peak

Phyllis, Savoynet

Patience, Bus Pass

Winner – Elsie, NewLOG

Best Male Voice

Robin Oakapple, Ploverleigh

Despairs, Ploverleigh

Tolloller, Savoynet

Winner: Marco, Gordon Hodges ALGSS

International Champions

Winner: Gondoliers, ALGSS

Second Runner Up: Yeomen,  NewLOG

First Runner Up:   Ruddigore, Ploverleigh

Congratulations to ALL who made this possible !!