The Yeomen of the Guard 2014


21st – 25th January 2014  Watford Palace Theatre

King Henry VIII is on the throne. Tudor laws are strict with anyone found guilty of sorcery or witchcraft sentenced to death. Colonel Fairfax, while awaiting this grim demise, hatches a plan to prevent his estate falling into his scheming accuser’s hands (his cousin), by secretly marrying Elsie Maynard.She, a strolling singer, expecting to be a wealthy widow within a few hours and able to pay for her mother’s urgently needed electuary eventually agrees to the plan. But Fairfax escapes leaving Elsie and her suppliant, the jester Jack Point, distraught at the impending consequences.

Director                    Clive Bebee
Musical Director       Philip Joslin


Sir Richard Cholmondeley David Stead
Colonel Fairfax Russell Stratton
Sergeant Meryll Geoffrey Farrar
Leonard Meryll Neville Stratton
Jack Point Gareth Edwards
Wilfred Shadbolt Andrew Taylor
First Yeoman Brian Rycroft
Second Yeoman Max Wittwer
Elsie Maynard Katherine Bunting
Phoebe Meryll Emma Stratton
Dame Carruthers Sue O’Neill
Kate Milly Stevens