Ruddigore 2020

In a Cornish village, Robin Oakapple is living as a farmer working up the courage to ask the beautiful Rose Maybud for her hand in marriage. But he’s hiding a secret – he is actually Sir Ruthven, the Baronet of Ruddigore. He’s been hiding in disguise while his younger brother Despard assumed his title and the curse. When he is discovered he must find a way to lead an honest life, whilst appeasing the ghosts of all his ancestors past.

Robin Oakapple- Stephen Hoath
Richard Dauntless- Gordon Hodges
Rose Maybud- Augusta Baker
Sir Despard- David Sutherland
Mad Margaret- Katherine Bunting
Sir Roderick- David Crew
Dame Hannah- Brenda Southorn
Old Adam- Dave Southorn
Zorah- Annaliese Farnsworth
Ruth- Sharon Wilson

Director – Emma Stratton
Musical Director – Eric Wilson