A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

In association with Josef Weinberger Ltd

Henderson Hall, Abbots Langley
12-16 June 2007

Directed by Graham Jackson
Musical Direction by Charlie Wakely

“What did the Romans ever do for us?” Apart from being an infamous Monty Python quote, it begs a serious question. We’re all well versed in their magnificent engineering and architectural prowess as well as their obsessive epicurean delectation for the humble dormouse, but that does not tell the whole story. After a hard day down at the Forum, those toga clad folk liked nothing more than to unwind with a goblet of Vesuvian wine in theatro. The Greeks may have invented the tragedy, but the Romans can legitimately lay claim to being the early kings of comedy. A precursor to the modern day soap opera, Roman comedies usually involved a “boy meets girl but parents disapprove” storyline with it being left to a wily slave to save the day. Crafted by the 20th century king of musical theatre, Stephen Sondheim, “Forum” was immortalised in the 1960s film which starred Phil Silvers and Zero Mostel, as well as being a massive Broadway and West End triumph. The bawdy humour and absurdity belies the more serious plight of Pseudolus, a sharp witted slave who is desperate to be a free man. Packed full of crackling one liners, provocative dancing girls and a handful of eunuchs, “Forum” is a riot from start to finish.

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Cast List

Character Played by
Pseudolus Rob Milner
Marcus Lycus Mike Bland
Erronious Jim Cooke
Hero Nick George
Hysterium Tim Eccleshall
Philia Lisa Morelli
Senex Philip Lawford
Captain Miles Gloriosus Colin Walker
Domina Sarah Downing
Geminae Jo Williams
Geminae Catherine Wakely
Panacea Izabela Błaszczyk
Tintinabula Melanie Riseam
Gymnasia Katherine Littler
Vibrata Eve Rapley