Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows

26-29 June 2019

Henderson Hub, Abbots Langley, WD5 0AR

Stunningly brought to life in a spectacular new musical by Oscar-winning screenwriter and creator of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes and Olivier-award winning composer and lyricist George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS will delight audiences of all ages!

Join Ratty, Badger, Mole and the impulsive Toad as they embark on a series of riotous adventures spiralling from Toad’s insatiable need for speed!

Directed by Jason Allen Lane (Cats, RMTC)
Musically Directed by Philip Joslin (Oklahoma, ALGSS)

Toad – Alex Horrox-White
Mole – Gordon Hodges
Rat – George Turner
Badger – John Asher
Chief Weasel – Adam Thompson
Mrs Otter – Lisa Fitzgerald
Portia – Amy Wood
Gaoler’s Daughter – Danielle Cresswell
Barge Woman – Mandy Carr
Swallows – Augusta Baker, Annaliese Farnsworth & Melissa Byfield-Farnsworth
Mr Hedgehog & Magistrate – Malcolm Cotsworth
Mrs Hedgehog & First Stoat/Enamoured Stoat – Paula Appiah
Lesser Weasel – Lisa Matthews
Sheryl Stoat – Silvia Colucci
Horse & Solo Weasel -Charlotte Ferin
School Teacher & Second Stoat – Melanie Louise Riseam
Car Driver, Rabbit, Guard – Colin Walker
Mr Squirrel – Michael Worthy
Lady Rabbit – Trish Baptist
Rabbit Footmen- Harry Turner & Sam Waddell
Butler – Harry Turner